• Fast no nonsense interface to facilitate game play.
  • Two word lists of play, Words With Friends (ENABLE) and of course Scrabble (OWL2).
  • Word list suggestions are sorted by point values which are specific to word list.
  • Different point values for each game (WWF vs Scrabble).
  • Word definitions are at the click of a button behind each suggestion
  • Streamlined interface removes excessive input boxes.
  • “Option 1: Search for words containing …” yields 3 section.
    • Words beginning with the input value
    • Words containing the input value
    • Words ending with the input value
  • “Option 2: Include similar words”, an easy method for generating “ideas”.
  • Handy reference to 2 letter and 3 letter words.
  • Handy reference for words containing: “Q”, “X”, and “Z”.
  • Strategy section helps you improve your gameplay.

Q-Words X-Words Z-Words 2 & 3 Letter Strategy More